Thursday, November 1, 2012

Arts & Crafts Picture Frames

I have an aversion to miters. I have a penchant for the Arts & Crafts style. Thus: through-mortise & tenon picture frames!

My only complaint about picture frames is that I find them boring to make.

My only complaint about mortise & tenon picture frames is that the recess is carved out after the frame is assembled.  Which means you've already done all the tricky work, and now you're about to turn on a noisy dangerous router where the smallest slip can tear a hole straight through all of your effort.  Which is exactly what happened on one of these frames.  The router bit caught the grain and blew right through in a very visible location on the front lip.  I hate routers more than I hate miters.

Maybe I'm just doing it wrong and there's a safer / simpler way to carve that recess.  Stopped rabbets with hand tools maybe.  Or stopped rabbets with the router and then chisel the corners by hand after assembly.

In any case, picture frames.

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