Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jewelry Armoire - Web Frames

Don't screw this up!

The fronts of the web frames divide the drawer bays.  I'm housing the dovetails into the front face of the legs so that you can see the joinery holding this particular part of the carcass together.  It's a really nice, fine furniture type detail and this is my first attempt at it, by hand or otherwise.

Everything you're about to see, I learned from watching Tommy MacDonald build his Bombe Secretary in an 82-part video series that he put together before he ever had his own TV show.  Long story short: Tommy knows what he's doing and I learned a massive amount of skills, tricks, and techniques just form watching his videos.

This ramp block idea comes from the same Bombe Secretary project where he dovetailed his drawer dividers into the sides of the carcass.

Cut a block at the angle you need.  In this case, I trimmed the bottom of the block until it met the wood at the exact elevation required.  Make a knife wall and chop down to your depth.  Then carefully pare with a very sharp chisel until you clear away the waste.

You're left with a perfect 14 degree dovetail.  Easy schmeasy!

Now you can stress out.  If you screw this up, you're done.  

Each dovetail has to be precisely located and marked with a knife.  You want  your drawer bays to be square and parellel.  Take your time.  Take a walk.  Think it over.  Do whatever you need to do before you pick up that marking knife.  

OMG Parts!  All the pieces of the web frames are done (except the plywood panels, but that's just plywood, who cares?)

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