Friday, May 23, 2014

Doors are Done!

Everything went pretty smoothly on the doors except the drawbores, which I've already mentioned, and the hinge I used to test-fit the hinge mortises got stretched a little bit, so there's more slop in that one than I'd prefer.  I'll be replacing this one hinge, as the other hinges are nice and tight and keep the front edge of the door from scuffing the inside of the front leg as the door is closed.  They don't stay closed so I'll be adding a magnet catch and door pull at some point.

I pre-finished the door panels, assembled the door, and tuned the fit.  Then I taped off the door panels and finished the rails and stiles.  I'm really happy with how they turned out.  

The bookmatched panels are a joy to look upon.  They don't have perfect symmetry, but to hear my wife praise that detail was uplifting.  She's heard me talk about the neverending steps in this project so often that she's turning into a furniture snob, too!  :-)

Soss Invisible Hinge

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