Saturday, June 14, 2014

First Drawer Is In!

I didn't document the rest of the dovetails, sorry.  I had to concentrate.  But I'm happy to say that everything went smoothly, no cracks and very few errors.  The first drawer is glued up, has slips attached, and has been tuned to fit its drawer bay.  It's not quite piston-fit, but it's as close as I've ever come.  Check it out:

The other 8 drawers are glued up and I'll wait a day before attaching the slips.  I'll tune them this week.  My goal is to have the drawer bottoms and knobs in place by Sunday so I can then begin finishing the drawer fronts.

Half a week of finishing will be followed by lining some of the drawers with black velveteen and then I just need to make the divided trays so she can compartmentalize her jewels.   Home stretch!

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