Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Child-size Roubo Workbench Complete!

Base Frame complete.

Leg Mortise & Tenons done.

Done!  (just needs poly)
2 coats of Water-based Polycrylic + Paste Wax

I think this took 2 weeks total.  Not too shabby for me.  I usually take a lot longer to make stuff, but Christmas is fast approaching.

The leg joint is really tricky to mark.  Wow.  What a pain :P  Took me a couple days to get the four legs fitted into their mortises and I was really surprised they fit as snugly as they do.  I expected more gaps.

I'm not sure if I'm going to add a vise.  Maybe I'll put a planing stop on one end.  Carolyn didn't care for the idea of drilling holes for pretend holdfasts.  But this'll do as a:

  • multi-functional
  • toddler-sized workbench
  • drawing, Play-Dough, LEGO, arts & crafts, general activity table
  • a standard, adult-size bench that can be repurposed for general use after my two sons get tall


Kapten Haddock said...

Love this bench, do you have any plans for it?

Steve Erwin said...

Thanks, I've uploaded the 3D model to SketchUp for you. Here it is!

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