Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Slow Regard of Silent Visitors

I posted the Flip-Top Table project to /r/Woodworking as my first project post in that forum.  Several people immediately responded with kind words and commented that they've been following this blog for years.  Years?!


Apparently it stopped occurring to me that this site was open to the public and it felt more like I was just speaking inside my own mind, all private like.  Come to find out there are other voices in my head now, and they like it here.

Well... alright then.  As you were.

Of the feedback I've gotten so far, it seems most of you love reading about my mistakes... so here's the latest:

Lesson #4,392 - Just because you started a blog mainly for yourself, for record keeping purposes, as a sort of journal, as an exercise in See One, Do One, Teach One, in an effort to lock in the lessons for your own benefit, and intended it for no one else in particular... doesn't mean no one cares to read it.  

Duly noted.

So a couple weeks go by and I get a private message on Reddit from a fellow woodworker saying he's been following my blog for years (like ya do), that he and his wife really like the Jewelry Armoire / Lingerie Chest I built, and that he wants to know if he can build it for his wife, using it as a project for his Twitch channel, where every Sunday he works on a project in front of a live audience using mostly hand tools.

So yeah.  Not only do people actually read this blog, but someone liked a project I designed so much that they want to build it for their wife, too.  That's... probably the coolest woodworking compliment ever.

Introducing KirkwoodWorking

Brady Kirkwood, the man behind KirkwoodWorking, is an engineer by day and woodworker by night.  He works out of his own shop in Northern Colorado where he live streams his shop time with a loyal following.  In the next week or two he'll begin his version of the Jewelry Armoire / Lingerie Chest in his Hand Tool Sunday! live stream broadcasts.

I can't wait to see how he approaches such a complicated build.  I'm gonna learn a ton just for having another set of eyes on it, and I get to see how another woodworker solves the same puzzle.  Be sure to check it out!  I know I will.

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