Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bedroom Closets

Cape Cods Contain Characteristically Cozy Closets

So we kicked in the wall in one of the eaves upstairs and built a 15 foot wide, 5 foot deep, 4.5 foot tall closet that can fit 10 huge rubbermaid tubs, my tall dresser, and 11 feet of clothes rod. The existing closet got turned into a glorified shoe closet with the addition of multiple full length shelves. I also added 3 large shelves in the nook in the upstairs bathroom where Carolyn promptly put pretty baskets containing various items.

At the same time we ventilated the entire attic (which wasn't ventilated at all), reinsulated the entire attic, gutted both bathrooms again*, revented both bathroom fans, evacuated 2 bats, sealed the windows, reinsulated the bathroom walls, re-sheetrocked, primed, painted, and added tile to the shower and tub surrounds.

*(A couple winters after we originally remodeled the bathrooms we had an ice dam above the upstairs bathroom which caused water damage to both bathrooms. 5 years in and we had to remodel both bathrooms a second time. /annoyed!)

I'm still working on the 3 enormous sliding closet doors that will close off the eave closet. Another weekend or two and they'll be done.  <em>Boring</em>.

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