Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Don't Do Math.

I figured out where my math went wrong (at the very beginning).

I thought I needed the following:
6.66 board feet of 4/4 Poplar
10 board feet of 5/4 Quartersawn White Oak
20 board feet of 4/4 Quartersawn White Oak

After doing the math again, here is what I actually needed:
5bf 4/4 Poplar
20bf 5/4 QSWO (twice as much!)
24bf 4/4 QSWO (20% more)

Here is what I ordered (adding 50% to each):
10bf 4/4 Poplar (plenty)
15bf 5/4 QSWO (not enough)
30bf 4/4 QSWO (barely enough)

And here's what I should have ordered:
7.5bf 4/4 Poplar
30bf 5/4 QSWO
36bf 4/4 QSWO

I had some leftover 5/4 QSWO from a previous project which is probably the only reason I'm not paying another shipping charge for more wood.

So I got really lucky that I was able to fit all of these parts onto the lumber I had, and this is likely the reason it took so long to place all the parts.  I think I've got less than 5% waste.  :P  Squeaky!

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