Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby Got Back...?

If I'm going to continue with song puns I'm gonna need to pick some better songs...

I spent a couple hours yesterday getting the backer boards ready.  I used the shooting board to get them to the proper length, fitting perfectly.  Used my scratch beader to throw a bead on one edge, and my skew rabbet plane to shiplap them.

Enough talk, here's the pics:

Backer Boards in place.  I took the time to bead them and have the grain flow from one board to the next even though no one is ever going to see them.  Why the hell not?
Close up of the beading.  It's a little rough scratching a bead in soft wood, but a bit of sanding will smooth them out.

Close up of the shiplapping.  Nothing fancy. 
Dry Fit #1 out of 1,000,000. 
Close up of quadrilinear leg.  Note the face-grain wrapping around the leg.  This is worth the extra effort.
Next up: Flattening and sizing the top.

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