Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Well Rested Dog

The recent influx of blog posts is because I've finally finished a long and restful break from woodworking.  Any projects I've done since August 2014 were tiny ones, compared to my usual fare. 

Over the next few months I'll begin working on a pair of end tables for my home, and a flip-top dining table for my brother, Jason.

The end tables are designed and mapped out.  

The dining table is still in the draft stage.  We're trying to decide if he wants a flip-top table or one where the leaves drop in.  The primary problem with the flip-top version is that when the table is in the open / widest configuration, 4 people will have a table leg between their legs as they sit.  I'm in love with the design, though, so we'll see.  We'll probably go to the Stickley showroom to look at one in person before deciding.

UPDATE: We went to the showroom and the flip-top table works perfectly fine.  My cleat solution is a little more robust than theirs, but I was able to snap some useful photos and gather some good dimensions from their version to better inform my design.  Stickley sells this table for over $3000.  I've priced mine at $371 in material.  Not too shabby.  Now I'm just struggling to find aged brass 180° hinges.  I can only find polished brass.  I might have to age them myself with Jax Brown Brass Darkener.

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