Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Whisky Tote, Moxon Vise, and St. Peter's Cross

I had some time on my hands, waiting for my latest lumber order to arrive, so I added three more projects to the list.

  • Moxon Vise
  • Benchcrafted Crisscross Retrofit
  • Whisky Tote

Benchcrafted Crisscross Retrofit

Image of Benchcrafted's Crisscross Vise Hardware
I've been wanting to upgrade my Bencrafted Glide Leg Vise ever since they came out with their version of St. Peter's Cross (Bencrafted Crisscross).  Having to move the pin in the peg board for every change in thickness annoys me.  Also, my bench is made with hemfir lumber and my vise chop is slightly cupped and that annoys me.  I'll replace it with 8/4 hard rock maple.  Eventually, I'll replace the rest of the bench as well.  I haven't been happy with the split top, so I'll go for a single (laminated) 24" wide slab top in my next version.

Moxon Double-screw Vise

Historical Drawing of a traditional double-screw vise

Image of Benchcrafted Moxon Vise Hardware

Now that I'm fully in the hand-cut dovetail camp, I want to upgrade my work holding options by building a Moxon Vise with Benchcrafted's hardware.  This is a double-screw vise where the screws are 24" apart, allowing you to dovetail the entire side of something like a blanket chest.   The leg vise only has 4" or so of work holding ability on longer stock and my sliding deadman isn't up to snuff either.  So this one appliance improves the whole thing.

Whisky Tote

And whenever I go visit someone's house I like to bring a small bottle of Scotch and two Glencairns in case someone wants to try some.  So far, I've been wrapping the two glasses in a dish towel and carrying the bundle awkwardly, hoping a glass doesn't slip out.  So I got to work in SketchUp to find a way to more safely transport my glass hip flask and 2 Glencairns.  Here's what I came up with.

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