Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flip Top Table Base, ready for joinery

Here are all the parts for the table base - all marked up and ready for joinery.


Guide Rail



I like using hand tools, but there are some steps I prefer to use power tools for.
  • 16 mortises go a lot faster with a hollow-chisel mortiser
  • 8 stopped grooves in the legs for the corbels are efficiently done with a straight bit and a router table
  • 8 peg holes end up a lot straighter with a drill press
  • Tenons will be done partially by hand and then I'll cut the cheeks off with my bandsaw
  • The tongues on the corbels will be made using the table saw.  It's too difficult to hold curvy objects, and the table saw will make quick work of them.  If I wanted to cut the tongues by hand, I would have kept those boards as rectangles and cut the curves after.
And just for fun, here's a video of some fun shavings in slo-mo.

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