Friday, October 30, 2015

Tool break!

One of my hollow-chisel mortising bits broke, and a couple of them are bent.  They're the stock chisels that came with my budget-level benchtop mortiser, so I never really had much faith in them.

I bought the sharpening cones and hones, but they clog all the time, heat up too much, and dull rather quickly.  Time to upgrade!

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1/4" and 3/8" Lee Valley Premium Hollow-Chisel Mortising Bits are on their way.  Eventually, I may buy the 1/2" one, but for now, these two will do most of what I need a mortiser to do.

I did a bit of product research leading into this purchase.  These chisels are well-machined, have large escapements, and tend to not get clogged.

It only occurred to me after I bought a new 3/8" mortising chisel & bit that I should size the mortises in this table to 3/8".  /facepalm

So I've updated the SketchUp model to reflect this.  My tenons and mortises are now 1/16" thinner.  Big whoop.  Only problem is the 3/8" bit is backordered to November 21.  In the meantime, I might start working on the table top glue up.

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