Monday, November 30, 2015

Child-size Roubo Workbench

Pardon the interruption...  I'm hitting the pause button on the Flip-top Dining Table because I'm making a child-size Roubo bench for my 3 year old son for Christmas this year, and I only have 4 weeks.  :)

I sized it to his current height 3'4" and then tweaked it a little bit to match the standard height of an adult-size bench for sitting on.

  1. I dislike making temporary furniture.  A workbench than can only be used by 3-5 year olds and then sits unused is a waste of time, IMO.  But a workbench than can be used by 3-5 year olds and then repurposed as a mudroom bench for the whole family?  Sold.
  2. I won't have a mudroom for a few years, so when he's not using, I'll sit on it when I'm working at my adult-sized workbench.  :-)

Carolyn also wants me to make these interlocking parts out of plywood... oy.  Might not make that in time.  We'll see.

In the meantime, just yesterday he walked up and asked if he could make something with me in the woodshop.

// What would you like to make? //

"Hmmm... let me think.  Maybe a birdhouse."

// Birdhouse it is, let's go! //

So we drew a picture of what the birdhouse is going to look like, sifted through the scrap bin for usable parts, learned what sharp is and what it can do to you, named a few tools he hadn't seen before, squared one end, measured, drew a square line, crosscut to final length, resawed in half, and glued 3 panels together.  I figure we'll spend 30 minutes at a time working on it.

As I tucked him into bed, I asked him what the best part of his day was... "Working with you in the woodshop."


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