Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DIY Keva Planks

My son (Workshop Gremlin #1) is turning 4 this month.  I set out to find a gift to give him on his birthday.

He has tons of toy trucks and cars, tons of LEGOs, a big bag of randomly shaped building blocks.  He doesn't really need more of those, but I didn't want to buy him just another toy.  I like buying him things that stimulate his brain.  He's a smart kid, let's keep his brain moving.

I stumbled across Keva Planks, showed my wife, and as quick as that, the decision was made.  I'm building him 1,000 Keva Planks and a box to store them.

First step: The Dovetailed Box.  I made this out of pine, which really demands the sharpest of tools.  Geez.  But it's so nice to work with soft wood for once.  Planes with ease and a gentle shooshing sound, smells wonderful, and is plenty strong.

The cambered clamping cauls work like a charm!

I've got it on four small casters so it slides around.  I may drill holes and make some rope handles for it.  We'll see.


Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to how you keep the plant sizes exactly uniform. I'm guessing you'll need hundreds.

Steve Erwin said...

Skip ahead two posts. Ugg. So monotonous!

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