Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Plank you very much.

Alright.  So.  It turns out 1,000 of something is an exercise in tedium.  It's easy to just say you're going to make 1,000 of something, but the reality of that number is lost among all the millions and billions we hear about on a daily basis.

When's the last time you did something 1,000 times, on purpose?

Step 1: Order Lumber

Dunham Hardwoods, hard rock maple, 4/4 thickness, 5" wide, 60" long.  Done.

Step 2: Slice it on the bandsaw.  

6 boards, 15 rips per board = 90 rips.

4/4 lumber is already 3/4" thick.  Coincidentally, Keva Planks are 3/4" wide.  Ripping 5 feet long x 1/4"+ thick strips over and over again results in quartersawn hard rock maple strips, which is the most stable choice really.   If that makes you feel any better.


One of the boards had some resistance in it and it pinched and snapped my carbide-tipped bandsaw blade.  *Grumbles*

Step 2.5: Order a new Lenox Tri-Master.

In the meantime, swap to a spare blade and keep ripping.

Step 3: Thickness Planer 

Plane the strips down to an even 1/4" thickness.  90 strips / 12 at a time x 4 passes through the planer = 30 passes.

Step 4: Sand to soften the four long edges.

Did it by hand with 120 grit.  Took 1 minute per strip, so about 90 minutes total.  4 long edges x 90 strips = 360 long edges.

Step 5: Wax the long strips

It's easier at this stage.  2 wipes of wax x 90 strips = 180 wipes.  Let it dry.  I didn't buff off the excess.  It'll wear off with life.

Step 6: Crosscut to length.

I did stacks of 7, with 15 crosscuts per stack.  90 strips / 7 in a stack x 15 crosscuts = 192 crosscuts.

Step 7: The crosscuts weren't perfectly square.  Awesome.

So now you have to shoot the end of every. single. plank.  The planks should be able to stand on end, unaided.

1,000 planks, 2 ends per plank, 2-4 shoots per end = 4,000 - 8,000 shoots.

This is just the last 10%.

Step 8: Sand to soften the 8 short edges.

8 edges per plank x 1,000 planks = 8,000 edges.  One swipe of each across 180grit sandpaper is enough.
Box on the right has been shot.  Box on the left has been sanded (and are done).

I think that's it.  The ends aren't waxed, but I don't think that's going to be a problem.

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