Thursday, November 9, 2017

Blueprints are done!!

I started drawing floor plans in September 2016.

Bought the land in December 2016.

Interviewed over 2 dozen timberframers.

Collected cost data for the entire project into a ridiculously large spreadsheet.

Collaborated with Downstream Construction in the design of a beautiful timberframe.

Modeled the entire thing in 3D.

Figured out how to turn that 3D model into 2D blueprints.

Had the entire design tested by a structural engineer.

Went through a few rounds of revisions.

And now, 14 months later, I'm the proud owner of stamped and approved building plans!  :)

That was ...really hard.  I had to level up several skills along the way, but it's done.  Thank the gods it's done!  It really wore me down.

I'm about to undertake one helluva woodworking project.

Here she is, folks....

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