Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grandma's Blanket Chest

Blanket Chest a la Norm Abram

I followed the plans in the New Yankee Workshop book as I was under strict instructions to make something fast and cheap.  Grandma didn't want me to go spending a lot of time and money on this thing. So pine, and Norm's frame and plywood panel plans it is.

The pine was full of pitch and it got all over the tools.  What a pain to clean it off.  Other than that, it was super easy to work with compared to all the red oak I've been using so far.

After the first winter, the lid had a 1/8" crack down the middle of it.  I didn't build the breadboard ends correctly.  I glued the entire width of the lid into the breadboard ends, which prevented the wood from shrinking in the winter months.  So I went and learned how to make a correct breadboard end, with drawbore pins.

The new lid has 3 wide tenons, only the center one got glued, and the outer ones have elongated pin holes and unglued pins.  The combination of all of these allows the wood to expand and contract with the seasons and so far it has been working nicely.

Grandma isn't with us anymore.  She passed away shortly before her birthday this year.  But she was glad I made this for her at the time.  It's nothing special (fast and cheap), but she thought it was beautiful, truly appreciated it, and it fit all her sheets and blankets perfectly.  

After Grandma died, I decided to give it to Mom.

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