Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Progress (not pictured)

An Apology

I want to start off by apologizing for the lack of photographs detailing the final stages of this project.  It may seem like I stopped caring about whoever is reading this, but the truth is, it took all of my concentration to not make mistakes (or to recover from mistakes made) as I approached the completion of this project.  Finishing the bench consumed all of my thought, energy and focus.  Some part of me knew that if I didn't pay attention I was going to ruin everything, and the thought of making an irreparable mistake at this point was too much.  So I left the camera in the bag and got to work.


I decided to apply the finish before assembly.  It took about a week.  Here's a few in-progress photos.

After everything was dry I made up some pegs and did one final dry fit just to make sure.  My brother Jason helped me glue it all together.  No problems, perfectly square.  /Thumbs up!

Next Up: Attaching the Hardware

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